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Sara S

Dawn,Just wanted to drop you a quick note. I was at a party last night and not one, but two women complimented me on my skin. That has NEVER happened to me before. I literally had to ask the first one if she was talking to me or someone else. I never thought I would be a person who received compliments on my skin. I feel like 100 % of that compliment goes to you. Just wanted to let you know:)

First Facial at Skin Logic

Lynn V

Dawn definitely knows what she is doing and was very imformative with all the questions I had for her about my skin. My first facial that did not cause me to break out after. My face was dull and flaky when I went to see Dawn about my skin issues, but after the facial it was hydrated, soft and smooth. I can’t wait for our next session!

First-Time Facial of my Dreams

Leanne S

I had a customized facial, and it was the first I’ve ever had in my life. My skin is pretty dry and sensitive, and I’d been having a particularly problematic week with my skin. Dawn, however, did her thing and my skin was literally glowing once I came out of my appointment. Also, the facial was incredibly relaxing with the music and the dimmed lights, and even Dawn’s technique. Another huge plus was that everything Dawn used on my face smelled great, so that definitely added to the experience. My skin feels very soft, smooth, and well-hydrated. Thanks so much, Dawn!

My face feels refreshed now!!

Alice C

My facial at Skin Logic was wonderful. My skin felt renewed and moisturized and the massage was an added bonus. Dawn seems to be very knowledgeable about skin care and the products that she uses smell great and feel wonderful in on my skin. I will definitely go back again. Thanks Dawn.

Dawn fully takes care of your skin

Janelle C

She knows what she’s talking about. My skin already feels better and looks clearer in just two appointments. Together I know I will have amazing skin with Dawn taking care of it.

You are in expert hands

Joan S

Dawn is a wonderful facialist, she dones indepth research and only uses the products that she knows work. I had a microcurrent facial and she is topnotch. I wish I lived in San Jose because I would be there non-stop. Dawn, will you please consider moving to the Houston area?

Exactly what I needed

heidi H

I had an awful week. I was tense and stressed with very old dry skin. I was clear that I needed to de-stress and get my skin moisturized. That is exactly what i got. Dawn’s hands rarely left my face, neck arms and shoulders. Knots were removed and I was a moisturized noodle when I left.

Soon to be acne free!

Steffany C

My first consultation with Dawn was amazing. Being acne prone for about 12 years, I can with all honesty say I have tried it all, and with little to no success. Dawn immediately addressed all of my concerns and described to me what skin regime would work best …after all this is to be a long and steady process. I am excited to continue seeing Dawn and also to see what improvements my skin undergoes. Thanks Dawn!

2 Thumbs Up

Mike V

Even for someone like me who’s a little rough around the edges, Dawn knows how to make things simple. You still get a sense that she knows her stuff.

Skin Refreshed

Indi J

My first appt. with Dawn was great. She is the “Best” ,full of knowledge. Looking forward to see her on regular basis.

Skin Refreshed

Kayla A

After my appointment with Dawn, I left with my skin feeling refreshed and renewed. My impurities had been washed away and my face was on the road to recovery with the new treatment plan Dawn designed especially for me. Before my appointment, I had little knowledge of how to treat my specific skin conditions. Dawn not only made me feel totally relaxed and pampered during my stay, but she left me with a total sense of MY skin logic.

Soothing and Gentle!!

Libby M

Dawn Rules!! I have sensitive skin and she was able to relate to my skin care needs which I found very comforting. I just had my second session with her and my skin is improving beautifully. She truly knows what she is talking about when assessing your skin care needs. I will recommend Dawn to all who are looking for a great skin care professional!

walk on water skin care

Dr. Bryce Renshaw

Dawn has the perfect service for any person. Highly knowledgeable when caring for the largest organ in the body, your skin. From stubborn acne to basic health care for your skin. Go go go! Every visit is another step to younger looking healthier skin. Its the logical approach to your skin care needs.

On the road to clear skin

Sara S

Dawn doesn’t give up until your skin looks great. After years of acne, my skin is finally clearing up and even though it still has a ways to go, it definitely looks smoother and brighter than when I first started seeing Dawn.

Relaxing and Wonderful!

Kristina D

Dawn is great! She is so knowledgeable. She actually takes the time to explain everything to help with my skin care. My face feels so much better after seeing her. I’ve been a client for almost a year now, and I plan to keep on coming every month.

Renewed and revitalized..

Jen L

Dawn a has genuine and professional concern for the management of my skin. Her facials are not only effective but relaxing. I have sensitive problem skin and since I have been getting her specialized treatments, my face seems to finally be healing and under control. She has renewed my confidence and given me hope that my skin can look glowy and amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone with the slightest of skin problems or sensitivity. I have seen solid results! Thank you!

Great Experience!


I had a customized facial and brow maint. It was a great relaxing experience. Dawn is very knowledgeable about skin care and is very honest. I have gone to other places and believe me her prices are excellent without the sacrifice of quality. I will definitely make her my skin care consultant. Thanks Dawn, my skin feels great!